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Our Team

A part of our team has international background, coming from outside of Germany. They completed their secondary school abroad and their Bachelor/Master Degree in Germany. The other part are German citizens who also studied in Germany. And of course all of our team members speak German as mother-tongue or at mother-tongue level. So we have not only the theoretical knowledge for visa and study application, but also the experiences about living and studying in Germany, which of course is passed on to the applicants.  

Located in Germany




Since 2012 we are supporting international students on their way to German universities. We help with the selection and application to universities, finding the most suited German course, the visa application, and of course formalities after the first arrival in Germany.

How We Work

Since we are located in Germany, correspondence with the universities can easily be managed by post or telephone. We ensure that all documents reach the universities safely and timely. If we encounter any problems, we will be contacting universities direct and promptly.

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Our Partners

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