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In order to apply for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in German universities, certain conditions must be met. The “Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB)” which can be roughly translated as university entrance qualification is the most important among them. This provides information, under which conditions could the applicant study in Germany. HZB might come in many formats, especially for international students who have gained their school-leaving qualifications in a different country.

The university entrance qualification, can provide either direct or indirect application, for studying in Germany. For direct access, the university application can be started directly (if all other requirements are met). In the case of indirect access, other requirements, such as participation in a Studienkolleg (a foundation course), must be completed first.

The next step is to meet the language requirements. Most of the courses in German universities are taught in German, which is why adequate knowledge of German language has to be proven when starting a course of study. If the German proficiency is not sufficient, one can enroll in a language course in private language schools in the home country or in Germany.

For applications to Master’s degree programs, a Bachelor’s degree equivalent to a German Bachelor’s Degree must be completed.

In addition to these general requirements, other conditions such as tests, proof of internships, work experience or additional languages may be expected, depending on the university.

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