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Below you will find our consultation services. Our premium service includes everything you need for an application in German universities. Extra services, such as pick-up from the airport or emergency telephone number can be found in the extras section. You will also find information about our university tours.

We offer you the opportunity to put together your own consulting package so you can choose any of our services and combine them with each other. For further information please feel free to contact us.

Application & enrollment in German courses

If your German knowledge doesn’t meet the required level of the university yet, you can attend German courses. You can choose your language course either from university language courses, or from private courses. We help you choose the most suitable course for you. If you prefer a private German course, we will carry out your registration. If you prefer a German course at the university, an application which we also do for you must be done first.

Information about the German higher education system

We give you all the information you need about the German higher education system in order to choose the right university for yourself.

Certified translations

Certified translations are needed for the application process. We make sure the documents are translated well, just as required by the universities.

University application

We prepare of all documents for the university applications and fill out the application forms of the universities.

Sending the documents and tracking the application process

The documents will be sent from Germany with shipment tracking to the universities and arrive within 2 days in a fast and secure way. If we encounter any problems, we will be contacting universities directly. Which is another advantage of our being in Germany.

Blocked account

A blocked account (Sperrkonto) is (in most cases) requiered for your visa application in Germany and is a precondition to  apply for a residence permit. We will assist you to open a blocked account for visa application (if required).

Visa application

We prepare all the documents required for the visa application, such as writing the CV and a letter of motivation, also fill out all forms and gather the required documents.

Preparation for the visa appointment

The visa appointment itself is as important as preparing any other visa documents. Therefore, the proper preparation for the appointment is essential. We prepare the students for the whole process.


We help submitting applications for the dormitories and assist to choose a convinient flat.

Formalities in Germany

Assistance service with formalities after the arrival in Germany, such as the application for the residence permit and the enrollment at the university is provided.

First Year Support

We answer all the questions and help solving all the problems encountered during the first year in Germany.

Detailed research of suitable universities

If the applicant has not decided the university he/she would like to attend yet,  a detailed research will be made. According to the wishes of the applicant, the research among all 426 universities in Germany for the most suitable ones will be presented in a very detailed report.

Checking your prepared documents

If  the apllicant already prepared his/her documents for university and / or visa applications and is still unsure, we can check them whether there is something incorrect or incomplete. If there is anything missing or wrong, we inform the applicant. Later we might help completing the documents as an extra service.

Airport Pickup

The student will be picked up at the airport in Germany and taken to the accommodation. He/she will receive a small food package prepared according to the list they have provided before as well as a German sim card with credit, ready for immediate use.

Emergency phone

The applicant gets a contact number, which can be reached even in the evenings or at weekends for emergencies. This service can be booked for 3, 6 or 12 months.

University tours

In order to get a better idea of living and studying in Germany, you have the opportunity to visit your desired university(s) with us. A private organized trip will be provided if required.

Airport Pickup

The applicant will be picked up at the airport in Germany and taken to the place he/she will stay.

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